Attractions in the Puster Valley and trips in South Tyrol

Use the free transport round South Tyrol that is part of your HolidayPass Premium, and discover the area on your holiday in the Kronplatz region.

Lake Prags

Getting a bus to the Three Peaks and Lake Prags

If you want to see two famous landmarks in the Dolomites, in summer use your free bus connections with the Mobilcard.

The Three Peaks in the Sesto Dolomites are without doubt the most prominent massif in the Dolomites. Numerous hiking paths lead you around the Three Peaks in their unique setting. The Three Peaks are unforgettable at sunset, when the Dolomite rock begins to “glow.”

Lake Prags, situated in the valley of the same name, branches off from the Puster Valley between Welsberg and Niederdorf, and is also called the “Pearl of the Dolomite lakes.” It is located in a unique setting among the Prags Dolomites. You can go round the lake on a 4km long hiking path or row a boat over the ice-cold water.

Messner Mountain Museum

Reinhold Messner’s MMM Ripa and MMM Corones

In the Puster Valley it’s worth visiting two of Messner’s museum projects: the MMM Ripa in Bruneck and the MMM Corones on the Kronplatz.

MMM Ripa at Bruneck Castle is devoted to mountain tribes from all over the world and their culture, religion and tourism. The permanent exhibition reveals dwellings, films and movements to give museum visitors more perspective on the heritage of the mountains. Bruneck Castle was once the summer residence of the Prince Bishop, and has been refurbished and adapted as a museum with architectural additions.

MMM Corones on the summit plateau of the Kronplatz is home to an exhibition on traditional Alpine mountaineering, the principal discipline of climbers. It tells the Alpine story. From the distinctive museum building by famous architect Zaha Hadid, there is a view in all directions far over the national borders.

Mansio Sebatum archaeological museum

Mansio Sebatum and the archaeological panoramic trail

The Mansio Sebatum archaeological museum in St. Lorenzen is the only one in South Tyrol committed to the region during the Roman period. Over a total of four floors, lots of exceptional artefacts from in and around St. Lorenzen and the newest research findings of the Iron Age and Roman period tell the story of the exciting settlement history of the Mansio Sebatum road station. On the archaeological panoramic trail, a two-hour hiking loop around Sonnenburg Hill, 16 display boards give information about the archaeological sites and their artefacts, which are all housed in the Mansio Sebatum museum.

South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology

Trip to Bolzano and Ritten

A trip to Bolzano and Ritten is a great day out. Drive to the train station in St. Lorenzen and take a train to the centre of the state capital. There you can visit the highlights such as Walther square, the Bolzano Cathedral, the arcades, the farmers’ market and the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology. In the afternoon take a cable car to the Ritten high plateau for panoramic views. Enjoy a ride on the Ritten train or visit the earth pyramids or the Museum of Apiculture before going back to Bolzano and the Puster Valley and ending your South Tyrolean trip.